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    About CUPL

    Greetings from the President


    Greetings, and welcome to China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL). I invite you to learn more about one of China's most distinguished institutions of higher learning on this website and to visit our campus.

    Since the founding of CUPL over half a century ago, CUPL has made tremendous contributions to China's legal development,graduating over 300,000 students, pioneering legal theory reforms, and participating in China's key national legislative activities.

    CUPL's international engagement has resulted in thousands of annual faculty and student exchanges with 283 universities and research institutes in 54 countries. CUPL is the home of several national-level research platforms, such as the China-EU School of Law, the School of American and Comparative Law, the China-Germany Institute of Law, and the Collaborative Innovation Center of Judicial Civilization. Since 2012, CUPL has co-established three Confucius Institutes (CIs) in the UK, Romania and Barbados. In 2019, CUPL and Washington University, St. Louis jointly established the Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Program of Double Master Degree in International Law. These projects and platforms constitute a multi-level and multi-disciplinary conglomerate for international communication that covers most of the legal education systems and fields of legal practices in the contemporary world.

    CUPL would not have achieved so much without the tremendous support from its public and private partners and alumni in China and abroad. Faculty, staff, students, and alumni join me in expressing gratitude for your support as we embrace our university's future opportunities and challenges. As heirs to splendid traditions and achievements, we are dedicated to enhancing the university's academic prominence and training future graduates who will have an impact in China and beyond. CUPL will continue to contribute to the development of the Socialist legal theory with Chinese characteristics. Together, we are committed to making even greater contributions to China's economic and social development.

    Welcome to China University of Political Science and Law and thank you for your continued support.


    MA Huaide

    China University of Political Science and Law


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