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              Schools & Departments

              Law School 

              Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School

              School of International Law

              School of Criminal Justice

              School of Political Science and Public Administration

              Business School

              School of Humanities

              School of Juris Master

              School of Foreign Studies

              School of Continuing Education

              School of International Studies

              Department of Science and Technology/ School of Information Management for Law

              Department of Physical Education

              School of Sociology

              China-EU School of Law (CESL)

              School of Marxism

              International Confucian Academy

              Guangming School of Journalism and Communication

              MBA Education Center

              MPA Education Center


              Research Institutions

              Research Institutions on the Pay Roll

              College of Comparative Law

              School of American and Comparative Law(SACL)

              China-German School of Law (CGSL)  (Chinesisch-Deutsche Institut für Rechtswissenschaft der China-Universit?t für Politik- und Rechtswissenschaft)

              School of Law and Economics

              Institute for Chinese Ancient Legal Documents

              Institute of Company Law and Investment Protection

              Research and Evaluation Center of Legal Education

              Globalization and Global Issues Institute

              Collaborative Center

              Collaborative Innovation Center of Judicial Civilization  

              Collaborative Innovation Center of Human Rights Construction

              School of Law-based Government

              Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education (National Judicial Appraisal Institution)

              Institute of Evidence Law and Forensic Science

              Key Research Base of the Ministry of Education

              Procedural Law Research Institute

              Institute of Legal History

              Institute for Human Rights

              Beijing Key Research Base of Philosophy and Social Science

              School of Law-based Government

              New-Type Research Institutions

              Capital Finance Institute

              Internet Financial Law Research Institute

              China Arbitration Institute

              Institute of Cyber Law

              National Institute of Legal Aid

              Institute for International Law

              Research Institutions not on the Pay Roll


              Academic Journals

              Journal of CUPL

              College of Comparative Law

              Tribune of Political Science and Law