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              Home >> Alumni >> Alumni Network


              Alumni Network

              Alumni Branches at Home:

              Beijing Branch

              Shanghai Branch     

              Chongqing Branch

              Tianjin Branch

              Hubei Branch

              Hunan Branch

              Guangdong Branch

              Guangxi Branch

              Jilin Branch

              Liaoning Branch

              Shandong Branch

              Shanxi Branch

              Sichuan Branch

              Hainan Branch

              Gansu Branch

              Jiangsu Branch

              Guizhou Branch

              Anhui Branch

              Henan Branch

              Shaanxi Branch

              Heilongjiang Branch

              Inner Mongolia Branch

              Jiangxi Branch     

              Hebei Branch

              Zhejiang Branch

              Yunnan Branch

              Fujian Branch

              Qinghai Branch

              Xinjiang Branch

              Ningxia Branch

              Tibet Branch

              Hong Kong Branch

              Macao Branch

              Taiwan Branch

              Alumni Branch of Grade 1988

              Alumni Branch of the Financial Circle


              Alumni Branches Abroad:

              United States Branch

              South Korea Branch

              Australia and New Zealand Branch(ANZ)


              Alumni Branches of Colleges and Departments:

              MPA Branch (Political Science And Public Administration)

              Business School Branch

              Law School Branch

              Juries Master Branch

              School of Marxism Branch

              School of International Law Branch

              Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School Branch

              CUPL Management Branch


              Alumni Club:

              Beijing Alumni Tennis Club