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              “New Arts, New Laws” Seminar Series Held in CUPL

              On April 25, the “New Arts, New Legal Science” seminar series on “Chinese Experience of Legal Teaching Practice” was held in CUPL. The seminar series was jointly sponsored by the Secretariat of Steering Committee of Legal Education of the Ministry of Education, Academic Office of CUPL, the Research and Assessment Center / Quality Evaluation Center of Legal Education, and so on. CUPL Vice President Chang Baoguo delivered a speech. Deans of law schools and heads of law departments from about 20 universities, such as Tianjin University, Renmin University of China, Beihang University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Minzu University of China, China Agricultural University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing University Of Technology, North China University of Technology, and China University of Political Science and Law, and more than 30 experts and scholars from law firms, media and other organizations and institutions, like Legal Daily and Beijing Zhoutai Law Firm, attended the offline seminar. Participants from over a dozen other universities attended the seminar on the Internet through Tencent meeting. This seminar was moderated by Associate Prof. Liu Kunlun from the Research and Evaluation Center of Legal Education. Prof. Long Weiqiu, Dean of the School of Law of Beihang University, Prof. Sun Youhai, Dean of the School of Law of Tianjin University, and Prof. Zhai Yuanjian, Deputy Director of the Academic Office of CUPL, respectively moderated the subsequent three roundtable discussions.

              The “New Arts, New Legal Science” seminar series on “Chinese Experience of Legal Teaching Practice” is an important platform for the attending universities to further comprehend the New Arts Construction Declaration. The seminar focuses on practical legal education, as well as on clarifying how “new legal education” preserves traditions while striving for innovation so as to addresses practical problems.