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              Mr. Liu Wenchao Donated 500,000 Surgical Masks to CUPL Hospital

              In the morning of April 27, in Beijing Shangdi Pharmacy, a ceremony was held in which Mr. Liu Wenchao donated 500,000 surgical masks to CUPL. Entrusted by Mr. Liu, Guo Junqin, Vice President of China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneur, President of Beijing Chinese Business Association, and Deputy Board Chairperson of Beijing Legal Aid Foundation, Gao Lingchun, Secretary General of Beijing Legal Aid Foundation, Feng Shiyong, Vice President of CUPL, Lu Dong, Deputy Director of the Logistics Office of CUPL, and Yu Qingquan, Deputy Director of Domestic Cooperation Office of CUPL, attended the ceremony.

              Feng Shiyong said that, since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic last year, Mrs. Guo Junqin and Mr. Liu Wenchao had successively donated 1.06 million masks, 100 kg of disinfectant, 1,500 kg of medical alcohol, and 200 forehead temperature devices to CUPL. They have also donated 1.2 million yuan to launch the “Liu Wenchao Excellent Talent Award (for Excellent Graduate Students)” at the Graduate School of CUPL. This was the third time that Mr. Liu donated to CUPL in the fight against the pandemic. His lived up to the social responsibility and charitable nature of Chinese entrepreneurs, and showed his deep psychological connection with CUPL. Mrs. Guo Junqing said that she was proud to contribute to CUPL to contain the pandemic, and would continuously  support the development of CUPL.