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              CUPL and Dongguan Arbitration Committee Signed a Cooperation Agreement

              In the afternoon of April 29, the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between CUPL and Dongguan Arbitration Committee was held in the main building of the Changping Campus of CUPL. Feng Shiyong, Vice President of CUPL, and Pan Changhe, Director of Dongguan Arbitration Committee signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of the two sides. The ceremony was moderated by Yu Qingquan, Deputy Director of Domestic Cooperation Office and attended by officials and staff of the two sides.

              On behalf of CUPL, Vice President Feng first extended a warm welcome to Pan Changhe and his delegation. He said that it was the responsibility and mission of CUPL to step up efforts in legal education. The agreement signed between the two party not only serves as a form of cooperation, but also as a guidance towards win-win results and mutual benefits. He called for joint efforts of both parties to establish the legal talents cultivation mechanism which combined high-quality education resources of CUPL and internship and practice platform of Dongguan Arbitration Committee. Pan Changhe said that, the strategic cooperation would bring an important opportunity for Dongguan Arbitration Commission to become an education and legal service base for the rule of law. Dongguan Arbitration Commission hoped to establish a regular cooperation mechanism with CUPL to jointly promote the cultivation of legal talents and advance the rule of law.