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              CUPL and Beijing Changping No.1 High School Signed a Cooperation Agreement

              In the afternoon of May 10, the signing ceremony of the agreement between CUPL and Beijing Changping No.1 High School was held. Feng Shiyong, Vice President of CUPL, and Pan Yuechun, Chairperson of Beijing Changping No.1 High School Education Group signed the agreement on behalf of the two sides. Following the agreement, both parties will launch cooperation in fields of curriculum, training, resource sharing, exchanges and communication, student recommendation, and so on.

              On behalf of CUPL, Vice President Feng first extended a warm welcome to Pan Yuechun and her delegation. He pointed out that Changping No.1 High School was close to the Changping Campus of CUPL, and this cooperation would be of great significance to promote the high-quality and balanced development of secondary education in Changping District. It would also tap into the resource advantages and brand effects of CUPL and efficiently improve the education quality and management level of middle schools. Pan Yuechun expressed gratitude to CUPL for the long-term support. She pointed out that the cooperation would provide a good opportunity for Changping No.1 High School. In particular, she mentioned that by establishing a student talent pool it would help facilitate the innovative and coordinated development of the school.