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              Signing Ceremony Successfully Held for Donation by Beijing Zhongzi Law Office to CUPL

              On June 27, the ceremony for the donation by Beijing Zhongzi Law Office to the Education Foundation of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) and the signing ceremony of cooperation between Beijing Zhongzi Law Office and the School of Juris Master of CUPL was held at the Xueyuanlu Campus of CUPL. Lin Bainan, Director and Managing Partner of Zhongzi Law Office, Zhang Nan, Director of Legal Affairs Department and Managing Partner, CUPL President Ma Huaide, as well as Vice President and Chairman of the Education Foundation Feng Shiyong, attended the ceremony.

              Zhang Nan and Liu Jian, Director of the Office of Domestic Cooperation of CUPL and Secretary General of the Education Foundation, signed the donation agreement on behalf of the two parties. President Ma Huaide presented the donation certificate to Zhongzi Law Office. Lin Bainan and Xu Shigenjian signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement and the agreement on teaching practice base as the representatives of the two parties. Han Wensheng, Chair of the School Council of the School of Juris Master, CUPL, awarded the "Teaching Practice Base" to Zhongzi Law Office.