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              Seminar on the “Researching the Content and System of Data Jurisprudence”, a MOE Fund Project Held

              The seminar on “Researching the Content and System of Data Jurisprudence", a major Ministry of Education Fund Project approved in 2020, was held. The seminar was sponsored by the Institute for Digital Technology and Law (IDTL) and the Internet Financial Law Research Institute of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL). CUPL Vice President Shi Jianzhong delivered a speech on behalf of CUPL. “Researching the Content and System of Data Jurisprudence” was approved as a major philosophy and social sciences project by the Ministry of Education in September 2020. Focusing on the system and content of data jurisprudence, and taking "data behavior" as the starting point and "data + behavior" as the core, the project investigates key issues in data jurisprudence, such as the legal nature of data, right attributes and attribution of data, data behavior, data circulation rules, data governance, data market cultivation, and the cross-border flow of data, etc.